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Why Xero?
30 June 2022

Last month our blog was about changing your accounting software to a cloud-based system. We live and breathe the Xero accounting software. In fact, it’s the only accounting software that we use for our clients. This month we will be travelling to XeroCon in London to find out all the latest updates and product releases, so we thought it was the ideal time to tell you why we recommend Xero.

A few years ago, who would have thought you could be watching your child’s school nativity or sports day, or popping home to take the dog for a walk whilst keeping on top of your business finances…..all from a phone in the palm of your hand! Or that you could be travelling across town, or the world yet still be able to login to your accounting software and see where your business stands at that precise moment. With Xero being cloud-based not only can the business owner see what’s going on, you can also give access to anyone else on the team with a need to know (including your accountant and bookkeeper).

Xero brings everything together in a single place, so that you can figure out your finances in just a couple of clicks. With Xero being able to be operated on any device this enables you to check bank balances, raise and pay invoices, customise reports and even take pictures of your receipts whilst on the go! It helps reduce paperwork, boost efficiency and most importantly it takes the strain out of your everyday bookkeeping in a simple, secure and cost-effective way.

We have successfully recommended and set up hundreds of small businesses on to Xero and as a result of this we were awarded with Gold Champion Partner Status. As a trusted gold partner, we’re fully qualified to set you up on this user-friendly accounting platform and although we don’t work with any other accounting software, we are happy to help you transition. We can tailor it to your exact needs and with the information from your data we can help you to run your business better. If you’re unsure on something, you can ring any of the team as we are all Xero advisor certified and we’re always happy to help.

We have seen the difference that Xero can make to a small business and we’re confident that Xero would soon become as important to your business as it is ours, streamlining your financial processes and helping you maximise your resources. So why not speak to us about how we think Xero will be beneficial to your business and we’ll be happy to share our knowledge with you and train you on how to make the most of its applications and time-saving tools.

If you’d like a free 20-minute demo of how Xero might be able to help you, please get in touch.