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What Queen Elizabeth can teach business owners
8 June 2023

Last month we all watched on and celebrated King Charles III coronation. King Charles had over 70 years to prepare for his reign. Everyone knew from the moment he was born that he would one day be King, which meant Queen Elizabeth trained him for the job throughout his life. Business owners can learn from her approach by setting long term goals and strategies that can help businesses to thrive over the long term. The Queen had long term visions – she had a succession plan and as a business owner, you need a succession plan as well.

A succession plan is a strategy that outlines how a business will be transitioned from the current owner or leaders to the next generation of leaders. You need to consider what will happen to your business once you no longer want it or become unable to run it. Will you sell the company? Will it stay in the family? Will you stay on  in some capacity?

A succession plan ensures that the business can continue to operate seamlessly, even if there is a change in ownership or leadership. This helps minimise disruption to employees, clients and partners. It also helps to identify and retain key talent within the company. By offering a clear path for development, the business can retain valuable employees and reduce the risk of losing them.

A succession plan can help mitigate risk by not only identifying potential challenges but helping to prepare for them. A clear plan can outline strategies to address any changes in the industry or any unexpected events. It can also help maximise the value of the business by preparing for a potential sale or transfer of ownership. By planning ahead, the business can identify areas for improvement, address any potential liabilities and position itself for a successful transition.

In a family-owned business, a succession plan can help establish clear expectations and avoid conflicts. By providing a fair and equitable plan for succession the business can prevent disagreement and preserve family relationships.

As part of your succession plan you will need to know where you’re at financially and that’s where we are here to help. At Your Support Team we know that getting to grips with your business finances and having a robust financial plan is the key to transforming your business. By getting to know you and your business in greater depth we can understand what you want to achieve and your long-term business and financial goals. We can help plan and budget properly, thinking long term about your financial goals and the future of your business. We are here to help you develop a much deeper understanding of your company’s financial situation so that you can make the best possible decision for your business.

If you think we could help with the financial side of your plan, please get in touch.