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Reflections on the last 18 months
4 October 2021

We can’t believe it has been roughly 18 months since COVID began. Like many businesses, at the beginning of the outbreak we were not only faced with financial uncertainty, but we had just moved into our new office, and we were concerned for our staff and ourselves.  

We used this uncertainty to motivate us in doing anything we could to help our clients. We dedicated our time in them whether it be through cash flow forecasts, advising on funding and pushing payroll through early in an effort to help our clients get through this stressful and most challenging time. We are happy and grateful that although some of our clients were forced to shut for a period of time, they have all survived and some have even flourished. We have taken on 15 new clients and continue to provide our existing clients through any financial hardship.  

It has not been all doom and gloom for YST, we have had some positive results during the pandemic. We believe we have shown that as a business we can operate flexibly and have adapted well in times of uncertainty.  

We have continued to offer flexibility to the team, supported them and help them develop. We wanted to create a business where people feel valued and intentionally trying to create a culture where we put people first. We have succeeded in keeping the work / life balance that we always set out to have.  

We believe we didn’t just get through, but we are better than before. We took the time to really concentrate on certain areas of the business and although it’s a long, ongoing process we believe it will help us reach our mission as a business to be the best bookkeeping company in our local area and provide outstanding bookkeeping for businesses that want to grow.  

We understand that this has unfortunately not been the case for some and that there are still tough times ahead for many but as we approach our 6th birthday, we thought we would focus on the positives to come out of this awful time. If we can be of any assistance, please email us at info@yoursupportteamltd.co.uk