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8 lessons we’ve learnt from our 8 years in business
12 October 2023

We can’t quite believe it but this month we celebrate our 8th year in business.  We wouldn’t be here without our employees, clients and partners and we’re truly grateful for the continued support. As a business owner, there are several lessons that we have learnt along the way that have contributed to us still going strong at 8 years. Here are some of the lessons we’ve learnt:


  1. Build a culture, not a company: This is something we’ve really embraced over the last couple of years. We’ve found that using our core values whenever making a decision has made everything a little easier and sets out clear expectations. It’s important to surround yourself with a team that share your vision and values. We hire for talent and culture fit because we have found that employees who believe in our business and company mission treat our clients right and are engaged and committed. We always strive to keep the team happy by encouraging creativity and development.


  1. Embrace Failure: Failure, as difficult and discouraging as it can be, is inevitable in business and a natural part of a business journey. We try to embrace failure by using it as a learning opportunity and a way to improve. We try and figure out what went wrong and apply the lessons we learnt to future decisions.


  1. Customer Experience: Our clients are so important to us, which is why we focus on building strong relationships, understanding their needs and delivering exceptional customer service. We have had some clients since we started who have become friends. Having happy clients not only brings in repeat business but can also lead to referrals. Word of mouth is crucial in business so we would recommend prioritising getting to know your clients and listening to their feedback.


  1. Adaptability: The pandemic in particular made us see that nothing stays the same and that the business world is constantly evolving. We have learnt to adapt and anticipate change, we stay informed on industry trends, keep up to date with technology and use client feedback to adapt and grow. We hope that being adaptable allows us to stay ahead and remain relevant in a competitive industry.


  1. Financial Management: We spend the time to thoroughly understand our business finances. We regularly review and analyse our financial statements, cashflow and profitability. We also budget wisely and ensure we have adequate reserves for any unexpected challenges.

A solid financial foundation is crucial for long-term sustainability and growth. We also think it’s really important to be transparent when it comes to our financial management so every month, we go through this with the team so that they also know where the business is at. We have recently launched our “Your Path to Success Programme” helping businesses to have a plan in place, see if any changes need to be made and how to grow. If this is something we can help you with, please get in touch for more information.


  1. Communication: We are really transparent when it comes to communication not only with our team but our clients. We actively listen to the team and encourage any suggestions or improvements. We clearly communicate our goals, expectations and values. We are always trying to encourage our clients to provide feedback and address any concerns promptly. We believe that good communication is vital to company success. It helps build trust and prevents misunderstandings.


  1. Learning: We believe that we should all continue to learn whether this be by attending events and workshops, taking courses, reading books or browsing the internet and we encourage the team to do the same. We think it is important in a personal and professional environment to always strive to improve your skills and broaden your knowledge base. As we said earlier, the world is constantly evolving, and as a business owner we think it’s crucial to stay updated. We also engage in networking opportunities and have close partnerships with experienced individuals who can provide us with guidance and insights.


  1. Work-Life Balance: Our most valuable lesson is to maintain a healthy work-life balance. When running a business, it can understandably be easy to focus solely on the business. Running a business is hard work and requires dedication but it’s crucial to avoid burnout. We recommend setting boundaries, delegating tasks and taking time for yourself which in the long run is essential for effective decision making and long-term success. We offer flexible hybrid working for our team. We feel that this gives the team time to take care of their personal wellbeing but also that employees who have a good work-life balance are more efficient, productive and motivated.


These are just some of the lessons we have learnt in the last 8 years but we’re aware that every business is unique so these lessons may not suit your circumstances or industry. Building a successful business requires persistence and resilience. Remember that you will face obstacles, setbacks and challenges along the way but if you stay committed to your goals, maintain a positive mindset and persevere through difficult times, hopefully this will help you continue to grow and maximise your chances of success. If you need any help with growing your business, we would love to hear from you.